recording update

April 26, 2021 marked the completion of mastering my upcoming EP, “The Shape of Time” (produced by yours truly and Brian Charles of Zippah Studios).

The tracking of this EP started in 2018, and unlike my last release (The Shape of Sound), I recruited session musicians, including my late friend, Gabe Fonseca (of Greenstar). This record is dedicated to him with an anticipated release of September 2021. Expect a seamless 20 minute psychedelic, post-rock experience.

Email me at for a private streaming link!

“the shape of sound” now available on major streaming services

my latest album, “the shape of sound” is now available for streaming on your favorite platform!  you can also purchase via itunes and amazon, although if you feel inclined to purchase, i suggest my bandcamp page.

Click here for to stream on spotify

in other good news, A&R factory published a very kind review of my single, “t montana” off the new release – check it out!

“It’s a progressive minefield of aural curveballs, the cold ambience the prelude serves is soon stripped-back and replaced with harsh cinematically caustic industrial elements contrasted by strikingly bright tonal textures. But discernibly, Paul Edward Yu saved the best for last. After the dub-laden tremulous breakdowns, the guitars tear through to the front of the mix in a way not easily forgotten.”

-Amelia Vandergast (A&R Factory)

new release!

today i’m releasing my second record.  stylistically, this is a bit different than my previous.  nonetheless, it draws upon my lifetime of music influences.  you can purchase/stream from my bandcamp or soundcloud.  it will be available on commercial streaming platforms come 2021.