At Zippah Recording Studios

Paul Edward Yu is a songwriter, session guitar player, and producer out of Brooklyn, NY.

As a guitar player, he strives to be versatile and adaptive to genre.  He has collaborated with artists in rock, roots/folk, psychedelic, jazz/pop, R&B, and nu-jazz. Paul has supported recognized artists including Rick Barton, Meaghan Casey, DB Jelen, Hhoogg, Triton Taylor, and K Fingers.

In 2021, Paul released a post-rock/psychedelic concept EP, “the shape of time”

In 2020, he released an electronic EP, “the shape of sound”

As a supporting guitarist, Paul has appeared on:

DB Jelen’s singles “A Minute with You” and “When You’re Gone” (electric guitar)

K-Fingers band “Human Elements” (electric guitar)

Meaghan Casey’s “Canyons” (Lap steel guitar)