New releases 2023

Make sure to check out my recent releases 5-HT and impermanence. 5-HT was recently included on INDEX music’s Bandcamp selection week 44 list! For the big sound systems and the weirdos 😉

“the shape of time” out now!

Today marks the release of my third EP, “the shape of time” – available on both 140g vinyl and digital download. Purchase/stream it on bandcamp.

I want to start off by saying this record is dedicated to Gabe Fonseca – a dear friend, musician extraordinaire, and drummer for this record. This release would not have been possible without him. Rest in Punk.

I wanted this release to be conceptual, and while it’s tough to convey a concept through instrumental music, I think I nailed it with the song titles and arrangements. This is supposed to be a psychedelic journey, and thus meant to be listened from front to back without interruption. It’s also why I encourage a vinyl purchase as there’s a lot of crossfading between songs.

I have been working on this since 2017. A lot of blood and sweat went into it, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of some incredible friends whom happen to be session musicians. Lastly, this couldn’t have happened without the guidance of audio engineer extraordinaire, producer, and rocker, Brian Charles (of Zippah Studios and The Sheila Divine).

If you’ve listened to any of my past releases, you’d know I can’t stick to a single genre. This is no different; it’s pure, post-rock psychedelia. Enjoy and rock on.